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Short walk from the station. Friendly, efficient service at the shop

Jennifer WatsonUsed Bounce in Harrogate1 year ago

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L Barnett
Used Bounce in Harrogate1 year ago

After some initial confusion (the shop thought I’d booked to leave my case at another branch) the process couldn’t have been simpler. Was genuinely a relief to leave the case with them while I went to the convention centre a short distance away and to pick it up later for the trip back to london. Excellent service and highly recommended.

Laura Walsh
Used Bounce in Harrogate3 months ago

staff extremely helpful and friendly

Zacharee Ramirez
Used Bounce in Barcelona1 hour ago

Great location and short walk from the Sagrada Família. Shopkeeper was very nice and check-in/checkout process was very smooth!

Bartjeroen Van Der Veen
Used Bounce in Madrid1 hour ago

Very friendly and easy 15 minute walk from the airport Terminal 2. Charming square. Super friendly barman.

Zoe Edwards
Used Bounce in Ghent1 hour ago

Friendly, helpful, reassuringly safe-feeling, excellent!

Sakiinah Mungroo
Used Bounce in Budapest2 hours ago

The service is very easy to use. The people working there were very friendly.

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