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Would be helpful for luggages to be tagged so luggages are not taken by accident

Lawrence A T K AnyUsed Bounce in Helsinki5 months ago
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Alexander Mooser
Used Bounce in Helsinki7 months ago

It‘s a Reindeer Souvenir Shop on the right of the main Entrance of Hotel Marski. DropOff was easy, everything worked fine.

Melissa French
Used Bounce in Helsinki8 months ago

So friendly and helpful, really made me relax about leaving luggage. Would use every time I visit!

Used Bounce in Helsinki8 months ago

A very kind owner gave me a wonderful hospitality. I was able to leave my luggage with peace of mind. thank you very much!

David Greenman
Used Bounce in Helsinki9 months ago

This store is a Reindeer Souvenir store near Hotel Marski by Scandic in Helsinki Finland. The clerk was very attentive and there was ample storage space.

Raphael Benari
Used Bounce in Helsinki9 months ago

Located in the center old tea shop is the perfect spot to leave your bag just a 5mn walk from the central station, I've left my bag there and picked it up 4 hours later great experience

Christopher Kane
Used Bounce in Helsinki9 months ago

Was a bit nervous at first but the store owner is a good guy

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