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Центр города. Удобное месторасположение. Легко найти. Чудесные хозяева. Помогли нам закать такси в аэропорт и дали рекомендации по городу. Очень рекомендую.

Olesya EvstratovaUsed Bounce in Sofia7 months ago
Photo of Sofia

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Jais Kristensen
Used Bounce in Sofia2 months ago

Great service and good sized lockers.

Flavia Amati
Used Bounce in Sofia9 months ago

Servizio preciso e cordiale

J L Dekens
Used Bounce in Paris2 hours ago

Very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Ben's Market.

Mr J G Finch
Used Bounce in London4 hours ago

Easy to find, check in sorted easily. Storage on the 1st floor so be aware if you have mobility issues

Meghan Campbell
Used Bounce in Paris6 hours ago

Great service. Different maps showed the shop at different locations though!

Marcelo Jauregui-volpe
Used Bounce in Burlington6 hours ago

I arrived several hours before my AirBnB check-in, so I wanted a place to drop off my bags as I explored Burlington. Found out about this service and was really satisfied with the experience. UPS employees were very kind and helpful.

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