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Good experience, they were efficient and kept my luggage safe. If taking a Grab over, put the dropoff point as Ansa Hotel, and then Chaos Hotel is right across.

Victoria KUsed Bounce in Kuala Lumpur2 months ago
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Y Bukar
Used Bounce in Kuala Lumpur18 days ago

Across Ansa hotel. Great service. 100% recommend

Benjamin Kellner
Used Bounce in Kuala Lumpur2 months ago

The service was great! But the address or the routing is not good. I went into the mall first and not down the side street next to Sephora.

Dmitrii Piliugin
Used Bounce in Kuala Lumpur3 months ago

Everything is fine! Good staff, helpful and friendly

Abdulla Jasir Hussain
Used Bounce in Kuala Lumpur6 months ago

Absolutely LIFE SAVING service.. the staff at the Cafe were so nice and helpful.. will I use Bounce again? 100%.. Will I use Lucy In The Sky as my Bounce? 10000%.. 11/10 for the service!

Used Bounce in Kuala Lumpur8 months ago

Everything about this process was so simple and fast! The store did a great job of handling my luggage. I will definitely be using their service again soon! Thanks so much for keeping my luggage safe Lucy in the Sky!!!

Krzysztof Hryniewicz
Used Bounce in Kuala Lumpur2 months ago

Easy and comfortable

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