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Louis was great at the store and was very accommodating. The website stated the store opened at 10am, but they do not open until 11am. Website needs to be updated asap.

Ken McnielUsed Bounce in Aventura11 months ago
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Janine L Goess
Used Bounce in Aventura1 year ago

Easy to find. Conveniently located in mall for shopping while waiting to check in. Hosts/owners checking us in were super helpful and nice, Highly recommend!!!

Janine Smith
Used Bounce in Aventura1 year ago

Excellent ! Safe reliable - would recommend and would definitely use again

Frank Maglin
Used Bounce in Aventura1 year ago

Luis was very polite and it was such a nice convenience to have the option to leave our bags. Will be using again in the future.

Claudia Sayago
Used Bounce in Aventura1 year ago

Good and friendly service !! Easy to book and at a good location to leave your luggage and enjoy a good meal or shopping around !

Vanessa Peinado
Used Bounce in Aventura1 year ago

Great attention. Muy amable y facilitador. Seguridad 100 puntos. Recomendado.

Brooke Guthrie
Used Bounce in Aventura9 months ago

Outstanding Customer Service!

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