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Shree Garuda was very accommodating and easy to work with especially helpful with directions.

Brian P FoonUsed Bounce in Bangalore7 months ago

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Nagy Ticiána
Used Bounce in Vienna1 hour ago

Novotel staff were nice and polite. Both check in and out was quick and easy. Close and safe baggage locker right at the Hauptbahnhof.

Julia Brüggemann
Used Bounce in Malmo1 hour ago

It was really easy to find because it’s only 8 minutes walk from the central station. The person there was so friendly, helpful and nice to us! We had backpacking luggage with us and it only cost 6€ per day!! We would do it again :)

Miss Louise J Green
Used Bounce in Nice1 hour ago

Simple and efficient to use. Bag was stored in a separate room and tagged to prevent issues.

Baadisa Abudulai
Used Bounce in Rome1 hour ago

It was an amazing and smooth process! Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I definitely recommend 😊

Stephanie Lee
Used Bounce in London2 hours ago

The gentleman who took our bags was so nice! They were stored in a back room and we felt completely comfortable using the service.

Susan Rent
Used Bounce in London2 hours ago

It was an efficient and pleasant experience. Very close to Paddington Station and easy to find.

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