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This location is close to the Capitol/Library of Congress area, so I was able to download the app and set up a reservation to drop off our bag, which couldn't be taken into the Cap...

Jacob FlynnUsed Bounce in Washington D.C.17 hours ago

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Margaret Thompson
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.4 days ago

The people working at UPS Store 1736 were excellent! We had a nice conversation, and they remembered me when I came back to pick up my bag. The storage was secure, and I had no problem picking up or dropping off my bag.

Maranda Fishback
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.5 days ago

Staff went above and beyond to help me and my coworker! They even helped us with metro directions!

Used Bounce in Washington D.C.8 days ago

Everyone at the store was so friendly and welcoming. I felt very comfortable leaving my luggage while I tooled around town waiting to check in to my airbnb.

J A Mcghee
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.9 days ago

Excellent secure storage and friendly service, would recommend.

Dan Lee
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.11 days ago

Was pretty easy to find. And someone knew how the bounce app system worked. Was in, was given a bag receipt, and out in less than 5minutes. Pickup was a breeze as well. Just remember to describe the bag or show a picture of your bag so they have a reference point to find your bag easy. Within a block from a metro station. Why I used them.

Jasmine Ghorbani
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.12 days ago

Reliable, fast, and efficient service. Very kind staff too!

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