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Easy and cheap, it's a part of bigbackpacker hostel. Staff also super friendly

Fauzi RaisyuliUsed Bounce in Sydney2 hours ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Matthew Woods
Used Bounce in London10 hours ago

Friendly staff, easy to check-in/out and very convenient location close to Victoria Station on quiet road.

Carine Teo
Used Bounce in Brussels10 hours ago

Needs to use the washroom urgently and owner was very kind.

Mr Kamal H Howlader
Used Bounce in London16 hours ago

They are excellent people nice service I will store again and thank you very much

Maria G Perez Moreno
Used Bounce in Charlotte1 day ago

Nice experience at Davidson Convinience Store. I thought there were going to be lockers but they keep the luggage somewhere in the back. I got my backpack back safe and sound so I would definitely recommend. Thanks!

Sheila Heng
Used Bounce in Milan1 day ago

Hassle free, in and out of store probably in less than 10mins!

Zachary Boisi
Used Bounce in Charleston1 day ago

Having Bounce services available at a UPS Store is a great convenience for travelers who need to store their luggage.

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