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Staff at the UPS Store were all very friendly and helpful. It made the experience so easy! They also have wifi so I could connect and summon an uber to the airport.

Nancy ForresterUsed Bounce in Louisville6 months ago
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Jolissa Yonker
Used Bounce in Louisville1 year ago

Easy way to store bags between airport and Airbnb check in!

V Whittemroe
Used Bounce in Louisville1 year ago

This was a great experience. Worked perfectly to drop off our luggage after flying into Louisville and waiting for 8 hours for our Air B & B. We ran around the city without dragging luggage and came back later. Great service!

Gary A Scheffler
Used Bounce in Louisville1 year ago

Very pleasant place with excellent, efficient staff.

Deanna Stone
Used Bounce in Louisville1 year ago

Apparently I was the first to use this service at this location, staff was a bit unaware, but were quick to figure it out and friendly to deal with. Would not hesitate to use this location again.

Patrick Welch
Used Bounce in Rio de Janeiro6 hours ago

The guys here were incredibly helpful when I our flight got delayed back from Bahia, so would highly recommend this location.

Cyril Walrond
Used Bounce in New York22 hours ago

Helpful and friendly employees. We appreciate y’all

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