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Friendly barber shop and in a perfect location for us. Thanks 👍

Monique WebbUsed Bounce in Wroclaw3 months ago
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David Hartley
Used Bounce in Wroclaw6 months ago

First time I’ve used Bounce and it was excellent .The Academus was only minutes from where we were staying witch was handy .The staff at the Academus were dead friendly and would use and recommend

Jacqueline Hanley
Used Bounce in Wroclaw4 months ago

Friendly staff and very easy to use

Damian Radomski
Used Bounce in Wroclaw9 months ago

Great , safe and easy storage .

Andrei Mikhailin
Used Bounce in Wroclaw12 days ago
Olha Yakubyshyna
Used Bounce in Wroclaw2 months ago


Glen Monks
Used Bounce in Sydney3 hours ago

I'd just arrived in Sydney from a cruise ship, and there was a very long queue for the luggage storage at Circular Quay's 24 hour restaurant. This place was very close by (there's a lift at the end of the quays), no queue and great service. I suggest this place try going for a slightly lower price than the 24/7 restaurant, as it would likely draw more of that massive market over.

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