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Very friendly. We felt it was a safe space to store our luggage for the day.

Clara Lucia StillerUsed Bounce in Wroclaw30 days ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Meredith Spivey
Used Bounce in Wroclaw4 months ago

Very convenient for us to leave our bags. Felt safe and the bartender was very kind to us. Would recommend!

Monique Webb
Used Bounce in Wroclaw9 months ago

Friendly barber shop and in a perfect location for us. Thanks 👍

David Hartley
Used Bounce in Wroclaw1 year ago

First time I’ve used Bounce and it was excellent .The Academus was only minutes from where we were staying witch was handy .The staff at the Academus were dead friendly and would use and recommend

Jacqueline Hanley
Used Bounce in Wroclaw10 months ago

Friendly staff and very easy to use

Damian Radomski
Used Bounce in Wroclaw1 year ago

Great , safe and easy storage .

Andrei Mikhailin
Used Bounce in Wroclaw6 months ago

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