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Great experience. Was expecting us, had space for our 4 bags in a rear area. Proprietor is friendly and has great English, which really helped. Would recommend without hesitation.

Andrew AllcornUsed Bounce in Florence6 days ago
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Christopher Cepeda
Used Bounce in Florence12 days ago

Very friendly. Also called us a cab when we picked up the bags.

Dorothy Burch
Used Bounce in Florence13 days ago

Great place and nice guys to help! Yes it’s a cafeteria but just tell them you’re there for storage and they send someone right out, you take a photo of your bags and come back to pick up easy and quick too! 💗

Used Bounce in Florence2 months ago

Everything was simple and clear. Guys were kind and helpful. Recommended ❤️

Hoseong Suh
Used Bounce in Florence3 months ago

I was worried at first because I didnt have much information. However, The staff were friendly and I experienced a satisfactory service. Thank to Bounce, I had a pleasant trip to Florence.

Nicolas Sevcik
Used Bounce in Florence3 months ago

Finding it was a bit tricky, as it's in a building with a bunch of other hotels, but service was great, friendly, fast, and it's close to the trainstation

Gloria Thomas
Used Bounce in Florence4 months ago

So convenient, very nice man there who took our luggage and brought it right out when we returned.

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