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We had a little bit of difficultly finding the store, but once we located it it was great! Felt extremely secure and the staff was nice!

My ComputerUsed Bounce in Mykonos3 days ago
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Jennifer Calamia
Used Bounce in Mykonos9 months ago

Store was great! Easy to find, on the map. Our luggage was very secure and we felt safe leaving it, employees were nice about early pickup and told us we could come and go if needed. Overall a fantastic experience.

Denise Hofmann-senn
Used Bounce in Mykonos9 months ago

Sehr nett, hilfsbereit, hat alles bestens geklappt !

Ashley Gold
Used Bounce in Mykonos4 days ago

Make sure the Bounce app corrects the address

Used Bounce in Mykonos8 months ago

Close to Old Port bus stop, open later

Used Bounce in Mykonos8 months ago


Sebastian Blagbrough
Used Bounce in Mykonos10 months ago

Very friendly, easy to drop off and pick up

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