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Very close to the city center. Super friendly staff. Was in and out without any problems whatsoever.

Carlos VallejocruzUsed Bounce in Guadalajara2 months ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Jacinto Berrios
Used Bounce in Guadalajara3 months ago

Muy buen servicio. Uno de los pocos lugares con servicio de Bounce en el area.

Lazaros Kritikopoulos
Used Bounce in Warsaw1 hour ago

Easy to locate very close to bud stop 175 for the airport. Super nice staff

Catherine A Harris
Used Bounce in Copenhagen1 hour ago

Lovely gentlemen who kept may bag safe. A bit of a walk from the station, around 10 minutes.

Maytika Vasuchoakmetha
Used Bounce in Rotterdam1 hour ago

Very convenient location and fast to keep and collect luggage.

Kaba Myriam
Used Bounce in Tokyo1 hour ago

Great experience. The staff at the shop attended to our needs.

Brian P Keyes
Used Bounce in Innsbruck1 hour ago

Excellent and speedy service. Stored two bags for a three day hut trek in the Alps. Both drop off and pick up went extremely smoothly.

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