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It was all very simple and uncomplicated, it was just a pity that we could not hand over our backpacks with our suitcases (which we had paid for). But all in all, I would go there ...

Armin ToutounchiUsed Bounce in Barcelona1 day ago
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Anna Lipatova
Used Bounce in Barcelona1 day ago

Best location, amazing staff, good value for money

Valter Minute
Used Bounce in Barcelona3 days ago

Staff was very kind and helpful, very good experience

Sonya Peters
Used Bounce in Barcelona4 days ago

Great location, friendly and reliable. Great price!

Yvonne Croft
Used Bounce in Barcelona6 days ago

Quick and easy drop off and pick up, perfectly located near Camp Nou!

Gary D Barbour
Used Bounce in Barcelona6 days ago

Great experience. Very easy drop off and pick up.

Used Bounce in Barcelona7 days ago

Great service and helpful staff felt very safe they have the bags locked away

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