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Not hard to find. Was great solution or we had to drag the bags with us almost all day long. Very happy that we had this option

Svetlana CholinUsed Bounce in Coimbra3 days ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Jason Law
Used Bounce in Coimbra2 months ago

Friendly people, quick service, not a whole lot else a person could ask for!

Cynthia Guillot
Used Bounce in Coimbra2 months ago

The luggage deposit was a breeze, thanks to the prompt and amiable staff.

Alejandra Cruz Moreno
Used Bounce in Coimbra6 months ago

I highly recommend this place to keep your baggage safe for few hours.

Zoila Villanueva
Used Bounce in Coimbra6 months ago

Super friendly staff, Luis speaks Spanish and english so great communication, the location is also centric. Once you arrived the hostel try to call the numbers at the entrance so the service is faster

Runar Gudjonsson
Used Bounce in Coimbra1 day ago

Easy and Efficient

Oleksandr Kozarezniuk
Used Bounce in Coimbra1 month ago

Fast in, fast out.

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