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Great location, closest to the Square , easy to find and very friendly and helpful staff.

Barry MurphyUsed Bounce in Athens1 day ago
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My Computer
Used Bounce in Athens3 days ago

Easy to find on a map and the store owner was so nice!!

Viktors Pranckus
Used Bounce in Athens3 days ago

Each time different people, but they were nice, my bag was there, I could go and take some stuff out of it while it stayed there, all around good expirience and i will put my bag there again

Gonzalo Mier Uria
Used Bounce in Athens4 days ago

Open 24/7, very safe. They have a doorbell for safety at nights. Located just next monasteriki metro station which has a direct line to the airport.

Ashley Edwards
Used Bounce in Athens5 days ago

He was so kind and i wish i was t having to run to my boat. When i showed up he poured me a water and even gave me some of his breakfast. This place is amazing.

Clara Barbiani
Used Bounce in Athens6 days ago

The experience couldn’t be better, far more than we could reasonable expect: the guy at the reception was very kind, professional and also extremely helpful. He gave us info about the metro timetable and direction, where to find the closest ATM, allowed us to charge the phone and provided many useful tips. The place is very safe and simply perfect to leave a luggage for the day. If you choose this option, you will not regret it! Highly recommended

Victoria Preston
Used Bounce in Athens7 days ago

The experience was straightforward and the facility was exceptionally clean, orderly, and efficient! Moreover, the steward of the facility was friendly, attentive, and helpful. The location is a short distance from many attractions as well as Syntagma Square transit options; for those looking to drop bags on a travel day, this is definitely a convenient place.

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