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We had our bags stored for 7 days while sailing and everything was fine!

Markus HinzUsed Bounce in Palma de Mallorca5 days ago
Photo of Palma de Mallorca

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L Clatworthy
Used Bounce in Palma de Mallorca9 days ago

i didn't catch his name but the store person was really friendly the 2 times we left luggage there on our holiday

Emma Rayner
Used Bounce in Palma de Mallorca22 days ago

Helpful staff, useful spot to get changed if you need to and easy to find from central station, would use again.

Verity Taylor
Used Bounce in Palma de Mallorca1 month ago

Really easy process, super friendly and helpful in the shop

Olga Amara
Used Bounce in Palma de Mallorca2 months ago

Easy to book, easy to find the store. Friendly people, very close to airport bus stop. Highly recommend!

Asad Khamisa
Used Bounce in Palma de Mallorca7 months ago

Excellent location right in the centre of town. The shop Keeper was also very helpful. 100% recommended.

Isabella Fortuna
Used Bounce in Palma de Mallorca7 months ago

Awesome! The storekeeper took our belongings in the morning to the storage room then returned them in perfect condition at night. Convenient and perfectly safe storage!!

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