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Excellent service from the hotel. Would definitely recommend to other travellers, so centrally located and assisted us with our Taxi too!

John MurphyUsed Bounce in Marseille6 days ago

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Dale Fitzpatrick
Used Bounce in Marseille10 days ago

Superb experience, so easy to leave and pick up my bag. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Eileen Patel
Used Bounce in Marseille12 days ago

This worked out fantastic for storage in Marseille close to the train station. Easy process, friendly staff at the hotel, and they even opened up after hours when our flight was delayed to let us grab our bags. Excellent experience.

Joan Flannelly
Used Bounce in Marseille18 days ago

Excellent facility, location and very warm and welcoming staff

Lisa Novik
Used Bounce in Marseille25 days ago

Friendly shop, very close to the station, and luggage is stowed up high.

Jonathan T Swan
Used Bounce in Marseille1 month ago

Bags kept in a locked air conditioned room. Seemed a bit sketch, but all was ok.

Arto Lapveteläinen
Used Bounce in Marseille1 month ago

Owner was very friendly and such a nice person. Fully recommend!

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