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Easy. Efficient. Great location. Felt secure as the bags were left behind the desk with UPS staff.

Anna CaffaroUsed Bounce in Austin4 days ago
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Kathryn Blackham
Used Bounce in Austin5 days ago

This was the absolute best! I will be using this Prima Store for luggage storage every time I go to Austin now! What a fantastic service!!

Jessica Robinson
Used Bounce in Austin5 days ago

This was my first time using Bounce, and it was super easy!!

Samantha Poeschel
Used Bounce in Austin6 days ago

Amazingly seamless experience. I had never heard of this service before and was hesitant about leaving my luggage at a barber shop but they handled it very smoothly and I had no worries about leaving my bag there for a few hours while I waited for my flight.

Karol Brentek
Used Bounce in Austin1 month ago

Very good service and excellent place for store luggage.

Jennifer Cooke
Used Bounce in Austin1 month ago

Super friendly quick and easy! Such a cool option for when you can’t check into your hotel/Airbnb yet. 5/5

Erika Smith
Used Bounce in Austin2 months ago

bag storage process went super smoothly, v convenient!

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