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Super easy to deal with these guys. Very friendly and professional. Some may find them a little hard to find, but I can assure you they are there on the lower level of the station....

Tomos LukerUsed Bounce in Florence24 minutes ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Silvana Zafra
Used Bounce in New York51 minutes ago

Easy drop off and pick up, staff is very friendly. Great service!

Brandon Videkovich
Used Bounce in Venice1 hour ago

Limited space to move around with bags, but great location and quick service

Jaroslaw Bilinski
Used Bounce in New York1 hour ago

Great people, recommends it Great people, recommends it <3

Daniel Suban
Used Bounce in Tokyo1 hour ago

Showed us a cool apple chair - including how to eat tasty apples.

Hayden G Simmons
Used Bounce in Tokyo3 hours ago

Super easy, close to shinjuku station, staff were incredibly friendly.

Joe Yang
Used Bounce in New York3 hours ago

I wasn’t sure about storing luggage at a smoke shop / dispensary, especially when I couldn’t find them on the web from Google searching. But I didn’t have another solution for luggage storage. So I gave it a try. It worked out well. Super close (3 min walk) from the 33th street exit of the Amtrak Moynihan Hall at Penn Station. Walk out the exit, go left to 9th. Then walk uptown on 9th. It’s in the left side. Some people say they don’t give you a receipt. That’s true. But they do take pictures of the luggage as you drop it off. That is how they keep track. Check in with your QR code at the smoke shop. If you have only 1-2 pieces, they may keep it at the the smoke shop (in a back room). If you have more, they will ask you to bring it to the dispensary next door. Again, it is kept in the back room behind the counter.

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