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I never write reviews for anything but I wanted to help someone out if they’re ever in a similar situation and are doing research. This app is legit and a great option honestly. It...

Dixie RomeroUsed Bounce in San Jose30 days ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Zoe Yang
Used Bounce in San Jose2 months ago

Very professional check in and check out. Bag was kept very safe in the back in a personal bin.

Ojaswee Shrestha
Used Bounce in San Jose11 months ago

Although the location and the store was in a bit of a sketchy area, the service was good and reliable. Luggage was all safe and secure through the day

Jason Luo
Used Bounce in San Jose1 year ago

The check in and pickup process were very easy, and the staff were very nice as well. Great experience.

Tyler Mcgahee
Used Bounce in San Jose1 year ago

System did not successfully end my reservation when I picked up my luggage and I was concerned that I would be charged for extra storage time. The owner worked to make sure it was ended after I left. Great service, middling software.

Megha Sharma
Used Bounce in San Jose1 year ago

Absolutely loved this service it was simple and easy and pickup/ drop off was very convenient. The instructions were clear, and I loved that I could roam around stress-free without my luggage. Can’t wait to use it again!! Thank you Bounce ❤️

Carli Tucciarone
Used Bounce in San Jose1 year ago

They’re really nice and quick depending on the line and everything. I was in and out dropping off and picking off my bags.

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