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Good experience; employees were friendly and process was simple. Very convenient as we explored Raleigh. But I I think the hours are different than advertised here, so make sure to...

Celeste BegandyUsed Bounce in Raleigh9 months ago
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Heath Howe
Used Bounce in Raleigh6 months ago

Quick, friendly service. Thanks for a great experience!

Matthew Holt
Used Bounce in Raleigh1 year ago

Great experience Highly recommend using this service if you need a space to land your things for a day.

Richard Schall
Used Bounce in Raleigh6 months ago

Easy drop off and easy pick up!! Amazing!!!!!

Lauren Neighbors
Used Bounce in Raleigh7 months ago

Super helpful app!

Christopher D Stocker
Used Bounce in Raleigh10 months ago

Extremely polite staff, very quick.

Talal Khan
Used Bounce in Milan2 hours ago

7mins walk from the centrale fs station … deposited my luggage in 3mins .. and collected it 1minute Very good

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