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Was a bit confusing the bags are kept in a secure area inside a restaurant- small bounce sign on the door - just talk to restaurant staff - very easy with offical bounce luggage ta...

Tony TavernitiUsed Bounce in Venice1 day ago

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Timothy Curtis
Used Bounce in Venice3 days ago

Friendly service, easy drop off and pick up. Would use again.

Used Bounce in Venice3 days ago

Was very convenient to drop the bags, reasonably priced, will recommend.

Nicole Mcdonald
Used Bounce in Venice5 days ago

Very very good location. You can take the taxi as far as you can into Venice and walk over a bridge and you’re there!! All the staff are nice. Also had lunch here.

Kai Raecke
Used Bounce in Venice5 days ago

Fast and uncomplicated processing. My backpack was stored outside the guest area. Top!

Subramanya Prasad
Used Bounce in Venice7 days ago

Very simple to use. The person who took the bags was very nice.

G Sherlock
Used Bounce in Venice9 days ago

Easy to find, staff were lovely and friendly. Quick drop off and pick up.

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