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No problems. Note to users, there are a few steps up into the cafe when you arrive.

Jmo HigginsUsed Bounce in Prague16 days ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

P W Filet
Used Bounce in Prague3 days ago

More clear streetside signs at the actual storage location

Andrea Clopatofsky
Used Bounce in Prague22 days ago

Good service, easy to find and the front desk boy was very nice

Kamil Malicki
Used Bounce in Prague24 days ago

Everything went smoothly, great people, cheap service. Fully recommend

Malou Durve
Used Bounce in Prague25 days ago

Friendly people. Big and small lockers. In a big one you can fit a suitcase and a small handluggage suitcase together. You get a key, and can enjoy your day. Reservation has to be made online.

Eva Gagloyev
Used Bounce in Prague26 days ago

Very good, friendly and easy to store the bags before the flight.

Adam Revolut
Used Bounce in Prague1 month ago

Perfect - the owner is very helpful. This is my third time using the service.

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