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Very pleasant experience, we felt safe leaving our bags there! i would recommend to anyone who is looking where to store their bags

Lolita NeofitouUsed Bounce in Prague1 month ago
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Used Bounce in Prague5 hours ago

Very easy to find, quick to deliver and receive the luggage

Galina Cucinscaia
Used Bounce in Prague1 month ago

Excellent service and a great location near the main rail station. Everything was perfect; thank you for keeping my luggage.

Jeremy Colbert
Used Bounce in Prague3 months ago

Stored bags here after check-out and before flight. It was super easy and nice.

Mme Aurelie Rodes
Used Bounce in Prague3 months ago

A Very friendly team and the location of this hotel is in the very center of Prague close to Mustek Subway station.

Brian Cormack
Used Bounce in Prague3 months ago

First time user of bounce. The experience with this store was exceptional. Quick , easy to use. Will continue to use Bounce

Mr Felix J Galloway
Used Bounce in Prague3 months ago

Good location close to train station and AE bus stop (for the airport). Very easy to book via the app. Cafe is nice and staff friendly.

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