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They were very helpful and polite I highly recommend Thank you

Crissy KeeseeUsed Bounce in Bellingham1 year ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Sanjiv S Sanghvi
Used Bounce in Bellingham1 year ago

super friendly and helpful. couldn’t have gone smoother. Used them to ship a box as well as their prices were better than USPS without the wait

Shane Mitchell
Used Bounce in Bellingham2 months ago

Quick and easy, no issues at all

Ashley Baldwin
Used Bounce in Bellingham11 months ago

Quick and professional

Hunter Brammer
Used Bounce in Bellingham2 years ago

Great service!

Brian Buckley
Used Bounce in Charlotte1 hour ago

Very friendly, kept my stuff safe, would use again.

Zacharee Ramirez
Used Bounce in Barcelona1 hour ago

Great location and short walk from the Sagrada Família. Shopkeeper was very nice and check-in/checkout process was very smooth!

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