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They were very helpful and polite I highly recommend Thank you

Crissy KeeseeUsed Bounce in Bellingham6 months ago
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Sanjiv S Sanghvi
Used Bounce in Bellingham9 months ago

super friendly and helpful. couldn’t have gone smoother. Used them to ship a box as well as their prices were better than USPS without the wait

Ashley Baldwin
Used Bounce in Bellingham5 months ago

Quick and professional

Hunter Brammer
Used Bounce in Bellingham1 year ago

Great service!

Patrick Welch
Used Bounce in Rio de Janeiro7 hours ago

The guys here were incredibly helpful when I our flight got delayed back from Bahia, so would highly recommend this location.

Cyril Walrond
Used Bounce in New York23 hours ago

Helpful and friendly employees. We appreciate y’all

Keri M Hardin
Used Bounce in Miami1 day ago

Very casual experience -- speaking Spanish was helpful as most cafe staff did not speak English. Grab a delicious pastry while you are here!

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