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Nice experience at Davidson Convinience Store. I thought there were going to be lockers but they keep the luggage somewhere in the back. I got my backpack back safe and sound so I ...

Maria G Perez MorenoUsed Bounce in Charlotte9 hours ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Sheila Heng
Used Bounce in Milan9 hours ago

Hassle free, in and out of store probably in less than 10mins!

Zachary Boisi
Used Bounce in Charleston12 hours ago

Having Bounce services available at a UPS Store is a great convenience for travelers who need to store their luggage.

Timea Shannen Antalika
Used Bounce in Chicago13 hours ago

Charles was a great help throughout the whole experience! Very thankful for this service!

Julian Jung
Used Bounce in London14 hours ago

Very good location, very friendly staff. Super fast

Klaudia Stanik
Used Bounce in Vienna15 hours ago

Little confusing to find as was actually in the McShark store but the maps did not tell us this when we booked the locker but the staff were very nice and service was quick, would use again and recommend

Daniel Brito
Used Bounce in Chicago16 hours ago

Very comfortable this is my first time using this app and the staff was great even explained how the deal works would recommend close to the CIOA

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