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The person at the front desk told me I didn’t need to scan the QR code to check out, but you do. I had to message Bounce to have them complete the reservation so I wouldn’t be char...

Zinnia XuUsed Bounce in Tel Aviv7 days ago
Photo of Tel Aviv

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Junmin Jayson Dianon
Used Bounce in Tel Aviv4 months ago


Talal Khan
Used Bounce in Milan2 hours ago

7mins walk from the centrale fs station … deposited my luggage in 3mins .. and collected it 1minute Very good

Ann Podolske
Used Bounce in Seattle8 hours ago

Storing our luggage was super easy. The people at the Purple Store were friendly and we felt safe leaving our bags with them. The Purple Store was very convenient to PikesMarket. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Daguilh
Used Bounce in London8 hours ago

Very easy to drop your luggage for the day. Inexpensive also!

J L Dekens
Used Bounce in Paris14 hours ago

Very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Ben's Market.

Mr J G Finch
Used Bounce in London16 hours ago

Easy to find, check in sorted easily. Storage on the 1st floor so be aware if you have mobility issues

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