2024 Travel Intentions

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2023 was a tough year for Brits planning a vacation, with air traffic control strikes, wildfires, and rising inflation all interfering with our travel plans, causing many to opt for staycations in the British countryside, or cities such as London, Manchester, or Edinburgh.

However, with as much as two-thirds of the British public planning on traveling abroad over the next twelve months, UK travelers will not be deterred from jetting off on vacation. 

But which countries and cities do Brits intend to travel to, how has this changed since last year, how expensive are these destinations, and what types of holidays are they planning?  

The travel experts at Bounce, have dived into the data to find out, using Google searches over the last three months to find the most popular destinations and how they compare to the previous year. 

The Most Popular Countries

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1. Türkiye
102,900 total searches

Thanks to the rich history and culture of cities like the capital, Istanbul, and the year-round sunny weather and warm beaches of Antalya, Türkiye can be crowned the most popular vacation destination for Brits in 2024, with the country receiving more than 100,000 total searches over the last three months of 2023. 

2. Iceland
95,200 total searches

While some Brits vacation to escape the winter freeze, many embrace the colder climate and plan trips to Iceland. With its vibrant culture and proximity to Iceland’s natural wonders, the capital, Reykjavik, is a popular city break destination. Winter is also the best time to see one of Iceland’s most popular attractions, the Northern Lights. 

3. Greece
70,700 total searches

Greece takes third place with more than 70,000 searches over the last three months. The Mediterranean nation is popular with British tourists thanks to the warm climate over winter, especially in southern cities like Heraklion, where it can reach up to 18ºC in December. It’s also perfect if you’re a culture vulture, as the capital, Athens, is home to ancient landmarks and over 80 museums.  

The Most Popular Cities

1. Amsterdam
150,300 total searches

The Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is the most popular city destination for Brits in 2024, resulting from a total of 150,300 searches between October and December 2023. The city boasts plenty of things to do, from visiting the Van Gogh Museum to taking in the picturesque canals and quirky architecture. 

2. Paris
62,500 total searches

Unsurprisingly, the world’s most visited city, Paris, ranks in the top three for British tourists to visit this year, with 62,500 searches over the last three months. The city is brimming with picturesque and iconic landmarks, from The Eiffel Tower to The Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris is also one of the world’s best cities if you’re a foodie, with as many as 129 Michelin-starred restaurants to choose from. 

3. Budapest
40,580 total searches

Hungary’s capital Budapest, rounds up the top three cities with 40,580 searches over the past three months. Many Brits flock to the city thanks to its vibrant nightlife, but it’s also home to world-class museums and art galleries like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Museum. 

The Countries Rising in Popularity

1. Albania
113% increase in searches

The rising cost of living has seen many Brits jetting to cheaper vacation destinations. Thanks to its affordable accommodation and hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches, Albania has seen the biggest increase in interest over the last year. Several low-cost airlines have recently added the capital, Tirana, to their rosters to tap into this growing demand.   

2. North Macedonia
98.3% increase in searches

Next up is Albania’s neighbor and one of Europe’s least visited countries, North Macedonia. While the landlocked nation doesn’t have beaches for those looking to escape the British winter, it boasts plenty of natural wonders to explore, from rugged canyons to lush mountain forests. Its capital, Skopje, also has a bustling nightlife scene. 

3. Finland
68.2% increase in searches

In third place, Finland has seen a 68.2% increase in searches over the last year. The Nordic nation is the perfect location if you’re planning a cozy winter city break in its capital, Helsinki, or taking in the country’s beautiful natural landscape of hilly forests and crystal-clear lakes.

The Cities Rising in Popularity

1. Kraków
310.3% increase in searches

By far the most popular city by search increases, Kraków takes the top spot with 310.3%. As well as being affordable, the Polish city’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it a haven for those looking to experience its unique architecture and rich history.

2. Seville
58.7% increase in searches

Seville is in second place, with a 58.7% increase in searches over the last year. As well as year-round sunshine, the city in southern Spain, the birthplace of flamenco, is brimming with traditional culture. It’s also home to some of Spain’s best culinary delights.  

3. Dublin
38.1% increase in searches

Rounding up the top three is the Irish capital, Dublin. The city’s origins stretch back to the Vikings, and the Dublinia Museum makes it perfect for history lovers. Dublin also has some of the best nightlife, as the city is packed with cozy pubs, often featuring live music from talented local artists.  

The Most Expensive Destinations

1. Venice
Average cost: $3,254

Venice, with its picturesque canals and bridges, is home to some of Italy’s greatest landmarks. It is the perfect sightseeing destination, from the Doge’s Palace to Saint Mark's Basilica and the Rialto Bridge. It’s also the most expensive city to visit, with a week’s vacation in Venice setting you back $3,254 on average. 

2. Paris
Average cost: $3,221

The City of Light draws millions of tourists thanks to its world-renowned culture and cuisine. However, it ranks as the second most expensive city on the list, costing you an average of $3,221, including flights and a week’s accommodation. The city also recently announced it will be upping its tourist tax, which means hotel prices could rise as much as 200% this year.

3. Rome
Average cost: $3,024

Steeped in ancient history and a vibrant culture, Rome takes third place. The city is home to ancient wonders, stunning art and architecture, and some of the world’s best food. However, its reputation as a tourist destination makes it an expensive city to visit. A week’s stay and flights will cost you an average of $3,024. 

The Cheapest Destinations

1. Seville
Average cost: $1,527

In first place is Seville, with a week’s stay averaging $1,527 for two people, including flights. The Andalusian city is perfect if you’re vacationing on a budget, with free walking tours of the city and cheap attractions like the Museo de Bellas Artes. 

2. Budapest
Average cost: $1,620

Budapest is the second most budget-friendly of the top 10 most popular cities on our list. The country has a relatively low cost of living, a friendly exchange rate, and plenty of activities to suit every budget. Flights and a week’s stay in the city will cost an average of $1,620 for two people. 

3. Prague
Average cost: $1,672

Up next is the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague. Home to idyllic landmarks like the Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square, the city offers plenty for tourists. Prague is the third cheapest destination on our list, with flights and a week’s accommodation averaging $1,672. 

The Most Popular Vacation Types

1. City Break
100,700 total searches

City breaks are the most popular getaways for Brits, with a whopping 100,700 searches over the last three months. The rising cost of living has made travelers more budget-conscious. Shorter and cheaper trips in cities with plenty of easy-to-reach attractions have boomed since the pandemic.  

2. Beach Vacation
3,900 total searches

Taking a beach vacation gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge in a sun-soaked and tranquil destination away from the pressures of everyday life. With 3,900 searches over the last three months, beach vacations are UK travelers' second most popular vacation. 

3. Activity Vacation
3,600 total searches

While many Brits look to relax on their vacation, some use this time to seek out new adventures, as activity vacations take third place with 3,600 searches. Activity vacations offer the perfect opportunity to try new things and rekindle old passions, from hiking to cycling and watersports.   

2024 Travel Trends 

We’re right at the beginning of the year, and going on vacation is all about planning ahead, so let’s take a look at the travel trends we predict will be big in 2024. 

Cody Candee, CEO and Founder of Bounce, comments: 

 “As travelers grow increasingly concerned about climate change, we will see a rise in sustainable travel in 2024. Whether that’s ditching flights for more environmentally friendly transport or supporting the local economy, tourists will be looking to cut down on the carbon footprint of their travels. 

“Staycations saw a huge rise in popularity in the wake of the pandemic, and with inflation and the cost of travel abroad still rising, they’re likely to continue to be popular with travelers. Domestic vacations mean travelers won’t have to worry about expensive flights and hotels, and they’re more environmentally friendly too. 

“Travel during shoulder season, the time between peak and off-season, will also be a big trend in 2024. This period is often cheaper and less crowded than the main tourist season in Europe, which usually lasts from mid-June to August but can vary from country to country. It also has the advantage of higher temperatures than the off-season, which is usually November through to the end of March. So it's perfect for travelers on tight budgets in the face of rising travel costs.”  


Beginning with a list of European countries taken from Wikipedia and the most visited European cities taken from The Savvy Backpacker, we used Google Ads Keyword Planner to find the total number of searches in the UK for “[country/city] holiday” and “[country/city] holiday package” from October to December 2023   

To find the percent change in searches, we subtracted the total searches from October to December 2022 from the total searches from October to December 2023. We then multiplied this result by the total searches from October to December 2023. 

To find the most popular vacation types, we gathered a list from sites such as Mailtravel and took the total number of searches from October to December 2023 using Google Ads Keyword Planner.      

Average vacation prices, taken from Kayak, were calculated by taking the average price per night for a week’s hotel stay for two people in the top 10 most searched cities, in the month with the most searches. We then added this to the average price of two plane tickets, according to Kayak, from London Gatwick to each city’s main airport in the most popular month, according to Google searches, to reach the total price.

Currencies were converted using Xe.

All data correct as of 22/01/2024.

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