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Was a good experience! Had no issues on either end. Was so glad I was able to find this solution.

Caroline BastianUsed Bounce in Tallinn4 months ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Alexander C Wright
Used Bounce in Tallinn4 months ago

They were there, quick, efficient, and didn’t ask any questions. Just put the bags behind their counter, then I rented a bike from them. The young lady at the front was very personable. This is the partner you want for this app.

Mrs Lehane
Used Bounce in Tallinn5 months ago

Great service. Easy to find and central. Helpful receptionist

Neil Lowe
Used Bounce in Tallinn16 days ago

Polite and courteous staff.

Firdaus Saharuddin
Used Bounce in Tallinn1 month ago

Great service. Friendly staff. No fuss.

Sarah Josephine Natalia Natalia
Used Bounce in Tallinn3 months ago

Quick and smooth check-in and check-out.

John Betz
Used Bounce in Tallinn1 year ago

Very easy.nice people.

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