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Great location. friendly and easy to deal with people. Great price!

Colleen S ZwiebelUsed Bounce in Tempe27 days ago
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Isaac J Benner
Used Bounce in Tempe2 months ago

The volunteer in the bookstore was incredibly nice and helpful! We dropped off 9 bags in their small store and got to enjoy downtown Tempe for the day while waiting for our airbnb check in. We were late getting back to the store (10 minutes after it closed) and he was still there to make sure we got our bags. Would recommend to anyone who has time to kill downtown Tempe and doesn’t want to carry luggage around. The store is in walking distance to all the restaurants and shops downtown. A great way to support a small, volunteer-staffed Christian bookstore. I will be recommending usebounce to anyone who is traveling!

Emilie Ickert
Used Bounce in Tempe3 months ago

It was great! Really friendly and helpful staff! Greatly recommend it.

Carson Ruebel
Used Bounce in Tempe5 months ago

Courteous and friendly. It was a big help to have a place to store my things for a short while.

Brandon L Snodgrass
Used Bounce in Tempe10 months ago

We were their first Bounce customer. They did a great job!

Bryan Lutherbeck
Used Bounce in Tempe3 months ago

Friendly service. Easy and fast.

Patrick Welch
Used Bounce in Rio de Janeiro8 hours ago

The guys here were incredibly helpful when I our flight got delayed back from Bahia, so would highly recommend this location.

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