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2 May, 2019

Living in a new city every 6 months

I just crossed a very unusual personal milestone: I have now lived in the same city for 1 year straight, literally for the first time in my adult life. Somehow, this has never happened after more than a decade. 

2 May, 2019

How Learning vs. Doing Guided My Career Path

It was the afternoon during a very odd week for me in New York City. I'd just split up with my business partner, leaving a company I'd co-founded.

20 August, 2019

Bounce’s Guide to Luggage Lockers in Chicago

Whether you’re looking for luggage lockers near Union Station or across the city near the O’Hare Airport (ORD), the Bounce platform is your go-to resource for luggage lockers in Chicago.

5 March, 2019

Traveling with No Luggage: An Experiment

A while back, I tried a bold experiment: traveling to a new country with no luggage. And I mean, actually no luggage, just the clothes I was wearing and the things in my pockets.

16 August, 2019

How to Get an NYC Package Delivery With No Doorman

Calling all New York City residents! We have to know… How many times have you missed a package delivery because you weren’t home? How often have you wished you had a doorman to collect your deliveries for you? It’s probably happened more often than you’d like to admit. And the truth is, it’s frustrating.

20 August, 2019

Bounce’s Guide to Luggage Lockers in NYC

The Bounce platform has partnered with dozens of trusted hotels and local businesses throughout NYC to allow you to safely store your luggage in designated lockers near the most popular destinations in the Big Apple. 

16 August, 2019

Non-Touristy Things to Do in NYC

Are you planning a trip to New York City? If so, you’re likely trying to figure out what you’ll do during your stay. You might be looking into some of the great sightseeing tours or planning to head to some of the city’s most popular destinations.

23 August, 2019

Announcing Bounce's Expansion: A New City Every Week

We’re going to launch a new city every single Friday for the rest of the year. 

23 September, 2019

10 Things to do in Reykjavik - Iceland Travel Tips

Heading to Reykjavik and need some Iceland travel tips? See the 10 Things to do in Reykjavik!

22 October, 2019

10 THINGS TO SEE in LISBON PORTUGAL - Lisbon Travel Tips

So you are heading to Lisbon, Portugal and you are not sure what to do. Check out 10 (of many) things to see in Lisbon, Portugal!

16 August, 2019

Where Can You Store Luggage in NYC?

During your stay in New York City, the last thing you probably want to do is to drag your luggage through the busy city streets. But what are you supposed to do when you’ve had to check out of your hotel or apartment rental and you still have hours before it’s time to catch that plane out of town?

10 March, 2020

Bounce Partner Feature: Todd Layne Cleaners, the most forward-thinking dry cleaner & laundry service in NYC